Some unexpected guests? A gourmet dinner at home?

No need to open several bottles… Everyone chooses their wine à la carte, the "D-Vine" dispenser offers you service conditions worthy of a gourmet restaurant!

Pierre, a bad cook, has learned his lesson...

Personal 100ml glass flacons designed by 10-Vins:



With the same volume as a wine glass (100ml), the D-Vine flacons allow you to taste wine without having to open a bottle.


Elegant & designed like traditional flacons, the transparency of our glass flacons reveal the colors of the wine, our serigraphs pay tribute to our wine-producing partners.


To respect the aromas of the wine, the flacons created by our partner, WIT, offer optimal preservation of the gustatory qualities for up to 3 years.

Environmentally responsible

Made of glass and aluminum compounds, our flacons are 100% recyclable, just like normal flacons. The same is true for our cardboard packaging which perfectly protects the flacons.

The best service conditions while respecting the product:

“50% of a wine’s quality comes from the service conditions. A wine which is too warm reveals the alcohol, a wine which has not breathed enough hides the aromas" often says Beatrice, our wine expert! After 5 years of R&D and a collaboration with more than 30 companies, Jérôme, Luis & Thibaut delivered the D-Vine to their first customers in December 2015.

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