10-Vins is a company based in Nantes, France which was founded by three friends: Thibaut Jarrousse, Jérôme Pasquet, and Luis Da Silva, united by the same passion for wine. During an oenological getaway, the idea started… How to enjoy a glass of wine anytime you want, but served in the same way as a sommelier would do in a restaurant? The three friends therefore worked evenings & weekends to imagine and design the first D-Vine dispenser prototype... A meticulous and creative piece of craftsmanship. A few years later, in 2012, they decided to begin the story of 10-Vins around the trilogy - Discovering the vineyards - Sharing a passion - Ideal service Conditions…

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The concept of wine by the glass

In a fast-paced world, 10-Vins revives the idea of taking time to enjoy a glass of wine in the best conditions. Some unexpected guests? A gourmet dinner at home? No need to open several bottles… Everyone chooses their wine à la carte, the D-vine offers you service conditions worthy of a gourmet restaurant!

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Selecting the wines

Each wine proposed by 10-Vins is a true gem… The wine is examined and undergoes a strict selection procedure during a committee chaired by Béatrice Dominé, our expert wine consultant. The result: a wine list composed of nearly 30 references that are representative of French wine-producing regions and soon foreign wine-producing regions. The wine list evolves according to the vintages and the seasons

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The 10-Vins team

The founding trio (Jerome, Luis, Thibaut ), Béatrice Dominé the wine expert and their global team work hand in hand with passion to give 10-wines this something extra, this spark…

awards won

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is the most influential exhibition dedicated to technological innovation in consumer electronics.
10-Vins won 2 prizes:
- Best of CES 2016 Ubergizmo
- Startup of the year Techco
10-Vins named the new face of Creative France in Singapore from Business France.
The prize La Tribune BNP Paribas Young Entrepreneur, a support to young business creators. Each year, six laureates are rewarded.
An initiative from the Grand Ouest in favor of young innovating companies...