Savennières Roche aux Moines

Domaine FL 2010

S$2050 Flacon of 10cl

This Savennières Roche aux Moines has the particularity of being located in the oldest part of the angevin vineyard. This exceptional white wine will surprise you by its density and its persistent length.

Flacon of 10cl S$2050
Savennières Roche aux Moines Domaine FL 2010

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Oenologist and restaurant owner in Nantes, Beatrice Domine is dynamic and passionate. Through her videos, she loves to pass on the keys to parse the wine and propose perfect pairings...


Vineyard name Domaine FL
Label of origin Savennières Roche aux Moines
Vintage 2010
Grape varieties Chenin blanc (100%)
Tasting conditions 12°C
Location Loire
Alcohol level 14.5%


Julien Fournier

Julien Fournier joined his father in 2009 to develop the FL Vineyard which is located in the heart of Anjou, near the south-western part of the city of Angers. FL represents the initials of the Vineyards founder’s father’s and mother’s names, Mr. Fournier and Ms Longchamps. The vines of the FL Vineyard are spread out from one side to the other of the banks of the Loire. Julien is guided by the wine expert Stéphane Derenoncourt to respond to his desire of excellence. The vines are grown according to the rules of organic farming.

Food and wine pairings

  • Smoked Salmon, 
  • Grilled Prawn with Butter
  • Cream Cheese , 
  • Cheddar