Domaine de Nerleux 2013

S$1400 Flacon of 10cl

The "Les Loups Blancs" Saumur from the Nerleux vineyard, which is aged for a year in oak barrels, combines the flavors of exotic fruits and wooded notes, and with a full-bodied and vanilla palate, for a balance between softness and freshness.

Flacon of 10cl S$1400
Saumur  Domaine de Nerleux 2013

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Oenologist and restaurant owner in Nantes, Beatrice Domine is dynamic and passionate. Through her videos, she loves to pass on the keys to parse the wine and propose perfect pairings...


Vineyard name Domaine de Nerleux
Label of origin Saumur
Cuvée Les Loups Blancs
Vintage 2013
Grape varieties Chenin (100%)
Tasting conditions 10°C
Location Loire
Alcohol level 13.0%


Régis et Amélie Neau

Combining tradition and modernity, Régis and Amélie Neau, 8th and 9th generations of winegrowers, do their best to offer wines which are typical of our designations and also more astonishing vintages. Regularly rewarded, they reflect the know-how of winegrowers who are devoted to preserving the heritage that has been entrusted to them.

Food and wine pairings

  • Chilli Crab, 
  • Pan-fried Seabass
White Meat
  • Thai Ginger Chicken Stir-fry