The first wine-by-the-glass tasting dispenser that aerates and brings the wine in your flacons to the ideal serving temperature in less than a minute. Live a new and fashionable tasting experience with this connected sommelier, tested and approved by wine enthusiasts, connoisseurs and experts.

User Friendly

From D-Vine dispenser to the flacon, the system works through RFID technology. This small chip placed on the flacon transfers information about the ideal serving conditions, like the temperature and the aeration to D-Vine dispenser. Insert your wine flacon, place your glass, when the green LED stops flashing, press the flacon down by D-Vine ball. Your perfect glass of wine is ready in less than 1 minute. Sit back and enjoy.

A perfect design!

When Constance Guisset, a talented designer met 3 engineers from Nantes, it was as if high fashion and high technology were joining forces. The result is surprisingly elegant and convenient, its name: D-vine.

Dimensions: 25,2 cm (width), 53,8 cm (height), 20 cm (depth)

They used it

They used it

They used it

Behind the scenes

Behind every glass of wine, there is a story. We never forget the hard work of our winegrowing partners. That is why we allow them to write about their wines on our product sheets. The content is conveniently accessible through scanning the RFID chip of your flacon using your smartphone or tablet. Discover exciting backgrounds and historical vineyards.

Discover the wines

A Made in France Adventure

As a French based innovation, the choice of Made in France was obvious. Designing and manufacturing a dispenser that enhances our wine terroir required an effective coordination among the 30 partners. A gesnuine work of craftmanship to carry out this industrial challenge. Here are the key milestones over the past 4 years...

Our history

Technical information

Weight 10.5 kg
Recommended glass height 15 to 20 cm
Height of a D-Vine wine flacon 21.6 cm
Height of the ball 6.5 cm
Power cord length 120 cm
Maximum capacity of water tank 300 ml

It is necessary to leave space above the D-Vine in order to easily insert the flacons.

Download the manual in PDF

Our partners


In partnership with the cabinet AMBI, 10-Vins has designed and patented an effective temperature-setting technology which respects the wine.

École Centrale :

The Ecole Centrale Nantes has helped 10-Vins to develop the aeration and cooling functions. The laboratories have notably led to the validation of the thermal model.


The company WIT developed the 10cl glass wine flacons whose design and filling process are protected by 5 patents.

Naonext :

Naonext, an electronics engineering and design firm in Nantes with which 10-VINS designed the D-Vine electronics.

They tried it

Amélie Neau

Wine grower
Nerleux Vineyard  (49)

"We found the D-Vine process to be quite impressive, particularly with our Saumur Champigny prestige cuvée, which is aged in barrels. It’s really better once out of the D-Vine.“

Béatrice Dominé

Wine expert & restaurant owner
Bistrot l’alchimiste (44)

"If the temperature is too high, the alcohol stands out; if the temperature is too low, the aromas are hidden. As for the aeration, it helps to reveal the wine’s aromatic palette. “.

Stephanie Rigourd

Wine Director of Raffles Hotel Singapore

The enjoyment of quality wines is determined a few factors, including the vineyard where it came from and the winemaker's hard work. Besides picking a bottle of good wine, serving it in the right condition requires even more knowledge and skills. This is why I feel that D-Vine is perfect for personal consumption, as it takes away the guesswork by preparing your favorite wines the way a sommelier would, thus ensuring the optimum taste and aroma in every glass.

Discover and test it...

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