Domaine Laurent Habrard 2013

S$1700 Flacon of 100ml

Mature and generous, this wine has developed complex aromas and will wonderfully accompany whole poultry.

Flacon of 100ml S$1700
Crozes-Hermitage "Cuvée Marcel" Domaine Laurent Habrard 2013

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Oenologist and restaurant owner in Nantes, Beatrice Domine is dynamic and passionate. Through her videos, she loves to pass on the keys to parse the wine and propose perfect pairings...


Vineyard name Domaine Laurent Habrard
Label of origin Crozes-Hermitage
Vintage 2013
Grape varieties Syrah (100%)
Tasting conditions 17 °C
Location Rhône
Alcohol level 13.0%


Laurent Habrard

Having always been a winegrower and following in the footsteps of his parents, Laurent Habrard represents this new generation whose members are passionate about their profession as well as sharing their knowledge about wine. Laurent Habrard is a perfectionist who is always looking to improve his production methods for the quality of his wines.

Food and wine pairings

  • Camembert
White Meat
  • Spicy Chicken
Red Meat
  • Grilled Beef