Discovering the Vineyards

We select products that have been made with passion by our wine-producing partners to guarantee quality at every glass. Every bunch of grapes grows with love and respect in its region gives a unique taste to the wine. Let’s discover them together!

Sharing a passion

We meet every winegrower’s partners so you can discover their lives and their stories. Béatrice Dominé, our in-house wine expert will give you some tasting tips on how to pair wines and dishes so that each tasting is a unique journey to the heart of our vineyards. Our winegrowers spend one year nurturing their vines, one year making their wine and two years to age it.

Ideal service conditions

Five years of research and development collaboration with more than 30 companies, mostly French partners enabled us to design and manufacture the D-Vine. A true piece of craftsmanship for a revolutionary product; a tasting dispenser which allows the wine to breath and brings it to the ideal serving temperature in less than a minute. A unique and global French innovation.